Dozens of Cats Removed from Scranton Home

SCRANTON, Pa. — There were ten times the number of cats you’re allowed to have inside one house in Scranton. Dozens of cats were removed from a home in Scranton earlier this week and some are still inside.

Officers removed 61 cats from the home on South Irving Avenue in Scranton earlier this week.

Scranton police tell us those cats were taken to nearby shelters and there are more cats still inside the house.

Days after Scranton police collected more than 60 cats, more than a dozen remain inside the house.

Scranton police believe the owner was trying to take care of unwanted cats, but it got out of hand.

After complaints from neighbors, Scranton police took action to rescue the animals.

The city of Scranton allows pet owners to have six animals inside a home.

Some cats were taken to Griffin Pond Animal Shelter, and more than 30 cats were taken to Street Cats in Nay Aug Park.

Police tell Newswatch 16 most of the cats are in good condition.

Scranton police say the shelters that took in the cats are at filled up.

Officials say the cats need to be checked for fleas before they can be put up for adoption.


  • straubdavid9

    Another crazy azz cat person thinking they are doing the right thing, but in reality making things far worse by making an environment whereby cats multiply out of control. This cat problem needs some serious attention …. I see feral cats with kittens engaged in mating again …. it’s not a very good scenario.

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