Talkback 16: Theft, Feeding Wild Animals, and School Lunch Debt

In this edition of Talkback 16, viewers sound off about the theft of bicycles, feeding wild animals, and threatening letters over school lunch debt.

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  • sirbarkalot

    The issue with school lunch accounts is that the districts are required to provide lunches to any child regardless of the ability to pay. If the student does not qualify for free or reduced lunch their lunch account is charged the amount set for a reimbursable school lunch. This was put into practice after a “no lunch shaming” bill was passed in the senate. Sen. Bob Casey was one of the proponents of the bill. The only problem is the bill left districts no way of collecting those charges that have any impact. Unfortunately, families caught on to this and now don’t pay. Not they they can’t, but just that they found that loophole. The districts need help with this. No one is trying to starve a child, but just trying to collect money owed.

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