Closing Time For Some Businesses In Wayne County

SALEM TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- KFC, Pat's Country Restaurant, and Kundla's may have different menu items but all have one thing in common -- the restaurants on Route 590 are all closed.

“Disappointing because we could really use them, It is really a shame. It is a really good community and I really appreciate all the businesses that are here, and it is a shame that these businesses come and go. We really could use them,” Irene Vanmanen said.

Kundla's served BBQ until last year. A letter posted last month on the door of Pat's Country Restaurant read, in part, "we are fighting a battle we can no longer win."

KFC was open for more than two decades before the franchise owner decided to move on.

“It has been here longer than I have lived here, and I was so surprised to see it closed because there was no warning it was just closed,” Aurora Loverde.

People say it is tough to watch their favorite restaurants close right before the busy season.

“I do not understand what is happening here because we have a lot of people coming in the summer,” said Loverde.

“Stores are closing. There has not been a viable opening in quite some time,” said Vanmanen.

People in Hamlin hope it will be quite some time before another restaurant closes its doors.


  • Sharkspeare (@Sharkspeer)

    The Trump economy at work. People in this area vote against their own self interests. Stop reading that “Our Town” garbage and start voting for better economic opportunities in this area. People here complain about “Tax-and-spend” Democrats, and then vote for “Spend-and-spend” Republicans that drive up our debt and bankrupt America. ENOUGH!

    • fortisveritas

      There is a cure for TDS, it’s called: FOUR MORE YEARS OF MAGA!!

      So Trump is to blame for one of the restaurant owners getting cancer, and also to blame for the seasonal tourism dropping off in an area that people don’t visit any more? Gotcha.

      Oh, the Dow – highest its ever been in five years.
      S&P and NASDAQ, same. Yeah, this Trump economy sucks. 😂 💰

  • Patrick Shelly

    The story is true about restaurants and other business closing in Hamlin. Wild Rover (By Hideout) also with KFC just closed. We actually closed for GOOD last June 2018 not June 2019 as reported on news. The battle I referred to was – was doing cancer treatments for 2 years and fell behind on taxes and the mortgage with the bank. That was the battle I couldn’t win. As you see the restaurant has been for sale close to a year and no takers. Tough business – 6 restaurants have closed down in last year in Hamlin, too seasonal.

    • whopperplopper

      Thank You for your honest answer.
      I hope you won the cancer battle.
      Sorry about the rest.

      I drove past Wild Rover Sunday & it was jammed, especially with Backdrafts gone.

  • whopperplopper

    ” A letter posted last month on the door of Pat’s Country Restaurant read, in part, “we are fighting a battle we can no longer win.”

    does anyone know for sure what this statement is referring to?

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