Video Shows Pendulum Ride Breaking at Amusement Park, Killing 2 and Injuring Dozens More

AHMEDABAD, India – A broken ride at an amusement park in India killed two people and injured more than two dozen, according to the Times of India.

The incident occurred Sunday evening at Ahmedabad’s Kankaria lakefront.

(WARNING: Graphic video below. Viewer discretion advised.)

Police are investigating how the ride was operated, maintained and inspected, the Times reported.


      • idiothater81

        You have to get in a car in order to get to normal, functioning adult activities/responsibilities. You DON’T have to get on a roller coaster, moron. She’s perfectly valid in saying that a video of people dying on an amusement park ride makes her not want to partake from now on.

      • fortisveritas

        Well since we’re name calling, moron, MILLIONS of people every minute of every day function quite well without cars and trucks. And the local Amish have been managing quite well for several hundred years WITHOUT cars. You must hate yourself based on your screen name.

    • whodathought6789

      Ah yes, the good old live in fear of everything. It astounds me at how afraid people are of everything

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