Park Benches in Lehighton to be Returned

LEHIGHTON, Pa. -- The Upper Park in Lehighton is getting a big makeover.

Borough officials are getting ready to start the park renovation project that will look similar to the Lower Park, that was re-done in 2016.

"We are going to have new paved walkways, upgraded lighting, very nice black wrought iron lamp posts. Then the park amphitheater, anyone who has been here can see that the concrete is crumbling. It's a safety hazard and it's not easy to walk on," said Autumn Abelovsky, Lehighton Parks and Recreation.

Painted wooden benches at the park have been taken apart.

Borough officials are hoping to get the seats back to the residents and business owner who sponsored them.  Some of the benches honor family members, others, musical greats.

"We didn't want to get rid of them. What we are doing is trying to reach out and find anyone who had sponsored one of the benches here in town and we are going to offer them back to those sponsors if they would like them," said Abelovsky.

Borough officials are still working out the legal details, but the plan is to lay memorial bricks along with pathway in front of the bandshell.

"Nobody wants to forget their loved ones, so having something to see and come and look at is always wonderful. It's why people liked the park benches because they can say, 'Oh, let's meet at our bench.' We are going to continue that with the new park benches that will go here in the amphitheater," said Abelovsky.

If you were a sponsor of a bench in the Lehighton Park Amphitheater, you can contact Autumn Abelovsky at 610-730-0041 or and make arrangements to pick up your bench.

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