Pottsville Celebrates Yuengling’s Milestone Birthday

POTTSVILLE, Pa. -- America's oldest brewery sits in the heart of downtown Pottsville. Yuengling lager has been brewed in the same building since 1831 and by the same family since 1829.

Yuengling turned 190 years old in 2019, and thousands of people showed up to its birthday party Saturday

"It's very humbling. We're very proud to be in a company that's been here for 190 years. And the generations before us - what they have persevered, what they have gone through, namely prohibition, when you couldn't even brew beer and they made it through that. They made it through the Great Depression, the world wars," said Debbie Yuengling, who is the sixth generation of Yuenglings.

"It's a great time all-around for everybody," Kevin Grace of Orwigsburg said.

But the brewery's birthday gift is actually given all year long.

"Everywhere I go, I try to get Yuengling products, you know. Anytime I go to a bar or anything, just try to support Schuylkill County," Zach Martin of Orwigsburg said.

Thousands of people poured into the streets of Pottsville and have been there all day Saturday. Almost every street downtown is closed off.

"This is gonna be tough to top. The 200th anniversary, we have no plans yet, but it should be something special," Debbie Yuengling said.

The festivities continued with fireworks and a concert by Better Than Ezra.

190 may be old, but Yuengling still knows how to party.

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