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Man Arrested After Assaulting Police Officer

WEST HAZLETON, Pa. -- Three people were arrested Saturday night after assaulting a police officer in West Hazleton.

Police were called to a home along East Oak Street just before 10 p.m. for reports of loud music.

According to officers, when they arrived Emilli Colon refused to give police any identification.

Two men, Adrian Jourdain and Jorge Colon, refused to leave the area and Jourdain punched a police officer.

The trio is now facing riot and disorderly conduct charges.

Jourdain was also cited for assaulting an officer here in Luzerne County.



  • Stanley Senior Sova

    To think I was thinking of coming back to Luzerne county, to Wilkes Barre, I have been living in Angeles City Philippine’s, for the past 3 years and I have seen more crime committed in the Luzerne area in one day then 3 years living in Angeles City, Philippines, which has a population 411, 634 people compared to Luzerne county 317,343, not only that but the Philippines have something Americans don’t have and that is called respect for other people. Why do I want to come back to this 4th order world you have there with your sadistic Democrat Leaders who only know how to increase their paycheck size, while taking more money from the hard working people of Luzerne county. It is so funny that I cry whenever I think about it.

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