32nd Annual Bloomsburg Jamboree Underway

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. -- The sun was shining bright at the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds reflecting off of these custom paint jobs.

The 32nd annual Bloomsburg Jamboree is underway and vehicles were lined up as far as the eye could see.

"I`ve done this for about six years and I enjoy all the new trucks and all the paint jobs and the new people I get to meet down here," said Brian Kile, Bloomsburg.

The annual event is a chance for four wheel enthusiasts to scope out trucks, jeeps, and ATVs.

"It`s a gathering of people who are passionate and enthusiastic about the four wheel and off-road," said Tony Veneziano, Bonnier Events.

There are three different monster truck shows throughout the weekend.

"Just see the sights, take the kids to the shows and have a good time," said Tony Insinga, Bloomsburg.

Tony Insinga of Bloomsburg is looking forward to taking his grandchildren to the monster truck shows.

"We used to come years ago in the past. I retired recently so I figured I would come and enjoy the day or the weekend," said Insinga.

The event also draws a crowd from outside Pennsylvania. In fact people come here from all over the country.

"It`s our sixth year back after not being here for a while and it`s just like it was 20 years ago," said Cliff Shemeley, New Jersey.

Cliff Shemeley and his group are from East Rutherford, New Jersey.

"It`s friends, family, it`s everyone we know from back home. Our friends and we make more friends from other places and it`s just a good time," said Shemeley.

The Jamboree runs through Sunday at the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds.

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