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No Tuition Increase at PA State Universities

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Fourteen universities across the state will see their in-state tuition total remain at $7,716 for the upcoming school year.

The chair of the Board of Governors released this statement after the decision: "Our mission is clear. These universities exist so that Pennsylvanians across all income levels can access quality higher education, by holding the line on tuition, we are living up to that mission."

At Lock Haven University, students were relieved to hear the news.

"I got excited because that's less loans that I have to take out because all responsibility of the loans is on me," said Susan Asplen, a senior at Lock Haven.

"I think its great especially for students who are already going to school here and already know how much they can pay for tuition," said Liz Linn, senior at Lock Haven.

The last tuition halt came over 20 years ago in 1998.

Lock Haven University officials say the tuition freeze is a good thing and application numbers and enrollment totals may go up.

"I hope that students are able to see lock haven university as the right choice because it is an affordable option that also provides a high-class education, said Elizabeth Arnold, Executive Director of Communications.

For some students, this move is only the first step in the right direction on the way to affordable education.

The price of a college education has risen dramatically over the years.

"I have always been kind of worried for my little sister that is eight years younger than me. So, I always wondered what tuition was going to be like in eight years when she is in school. So, it's definitely nice they are making strides and trying to keep it affordable," said Dakota Lauver, an upcoming senior at Lock Haven.

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  • charliewaffles27

    If things go sideways in the 2020 election, you and I will be paying for all that tuition in the form of taxes.

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