Police: Burglaries Start Back up in Kingston

KINGSTON, Pa. -- Last month, Newswatch 16 told you about a string of burglaries that took place in Luzerne County. Police in Kingston say the man they are looking for took a break after our story aired, but now, he's back at it again.

"We'll be on alert again I guess. That's scary. I didn't know he was back," said Ashley Gudoski of Kingston.

People who live in Kingston thought they could rest easy. Last month, police in the borough said they were on the lookout for the man who they believed broke into eight homes and more than 30 cars.

After Newswatch 16 aired his photo, neighbors say the burglaries in their neighborhood stopped.

"I heard it died down, you know? I said to my neighbor about him disappearing after he had his big moment and apparently I was right because I really thought he was gone," added Gudoski.

But now police say the alleged burglar is at it again, getting into eight homes in the last few days.

"I didn't know they started back up again. Got goosebumps saying that. That's scary," said Chavah Granovetter of Kingston.

Police in Kingston tell Newswatch 16 the man they are looking for is getting into unlocked cars and breaking into homes between 2 a.m. and sunrise.

"We live on the ground floor, so it does make me nervous knowing that they're my kids. It makes me scared as a mom and as a parent," explained Granovetter.

Police say the man they're looking for is even popping out window screens to get into homes. They are advising everyone in the Kingston area to keep their doors, windows, and vehicles locked. If you see anything suspicious in your neighborhood, call 911 immediately.

"Oh absolutely. Oh my gosh, yes. It's better to be safe than sorry. Even if you just think it's a teenager playing a prank, just call the cops, yes," added Granovetter.


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