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Charges Likely After Deadly Crash in Shamokin Dam

SHAMOKIN DAM, Pa. -- Investigators say John Wendt, 66, of Selinsgrove was killed instantly when his car was crushed between two tractor-trailers on Tuesday.

The crash happened on Routes 11/15 in Shamokin Dam, and sadly, this is not the first time the Wendt family has experienced tragedy in recent months.

Family and friends of John Wendt expressed their condolences on Facebook. Wendt celebrated his 66th birthday less than two weeks ago and thanked friends for their support during what he and his wife went through this past year.

Wendt and his wife Pat were hit by a car in December in downtown Selinsgrove. John had minor injuries, but Pat was severely hurt.

Now seven months later, John Wendt was killed in this crash. Police say Charles Bussard, 59, of Maryland, was driving the truck that hit Wendt's vehicle just after 9 a.m. Tuesday.

According to emergency officials, the first tractor-trailer and the car driven by Wendt were both stopped at the light at the intersection of Baldwin Boulevard and Susquehanna Trail.

The tractor-trailer driven by Bussard did not stop and crashed into Wendt's car, crushing the vehicle. No charges have been filed yet against Brussard, but the Shamokin Dam police chief tells Newswatch 16 he anticipates charges will be filed. Police are still gathering information.


  • Mike Cummings

    Exactly what make and model car was Mr. Wendt driving? I’ve heard people claim it was a “Smart” car, up to a Subaru Forrester.

  • Giggity-MF-goo

    This will push him into early retirement for sure.
    I didn’t even see a 3rd vehicle when i drove by, just looked as if a truck hit a truck. Not even skid marks… brakes better have totally failed or his retirement community may be brick walls.

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