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Three Juveniles Taken into Custody Following Deadly Fire

PITTSTON, Pa. --  Three young people are in custody after the fire that killed an 11-year-old boy in Luzerne County.

Police in Pittston won't say more about the suspects because they are underage.

The fire broke out at the home on Wood Street early Tuesday morning.

Rescuers pulled that boy from a second-story window. He later died at the hospital.

Authorities have not said who the boy is or what sparked the deadly fire in Luzerne County.


  • Mike Gilroy

    yall are heartless..people should know more..who were the kids who killed this 11 year old. This is my home town. was born here. justice deffenitly needs to be delt. Underage or not they need to be treated as if they were adults who commited a crime. they shouldnt get just a slap on the wrist. Give them juvinile life.

  • Rusty Knyffe

    What a horrific thing. Godalmighty, the idea that there are underage suspects that factor into the death of an 11 year old kid is simply nauseating. How horrible.

  • aleodawg94

    Just wondering if posting the names changes the outcome of the story? If it does then by all means post their names. If the the outcome remains the same then what’s the big deal? a young boy was killed, and some juveniles are responsible. That’s really all the public needs to know.

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