Community in Bradford County Still Dealing with Flooding Aftermath

NEW ALBANY, Pa. -- It has been almost a year since floodwaters washed away roads in Bradford County. One busy stretch of road has been closed for months, and drivers will have to wait even longer for it to reopen.

There are still plenty of "road closed" and detour signs on Overton Road in New Albany. Still, drivers ignore them, and those living by the damaged road worry about their safety.

Most people are still in the process of rebuilding after flooding last August. However, Overton Road looks the same, and some residents say it is getting worse.

"This road is horrible. It is so sad because at one point my cousin who lived down here it took him 10 minutes to get to town. Now it takes 15-20 just to go around," said Dyllan Tinna of New Albany.

"The amount of people that keep on driving, I'm like, 'Oh my God, that road is going to break out,' and you can tell it is getting worse since the last time you got down here," said Elizabeth Updyke of New Albany.

"Many people do get as far as here and they see the road where they can drive around it and think that is the only spot. The reason why it is closed and they continue on through only to discover it is impassible a little further up," explained New Albany Mayor Dan Dunham.

Officials from PennDOT say Overton Road was in bad shape before the flooding, and all that water only made things worse. Plans for repairs could take a while.

"It takes a long time to get the funds for it, the engineering to get things done, and to get the contractors who are busy elsewhere. It is going to take some patience," Dunham said.

PennDOT says repairs for the road are expected to start this winter.

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