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Police: Man Was Hallucinating When He Shot Sister

WEST HAZLETON, Pa. -- A man who claimed he accidentally shot his sister while trying to force intruders from his home is now facing charges since police say he made the whole thing up.

Police say Tauriq Qayyum was under the influence of cocaine, mushrooms, and alcohol Monday night when he began hallucinating.

Thinking intruders were inside his apartment on North Broad Street in West Hazleton, Qayyum began shooting and hit his sister in the chest and abdomen. He also fired several shots into the door of a neighboring apartment. No one inside that unit was hurt.

Qayyum is charged with aggravated assault and reckless endangerment in Luzerne County.


  • fortisveritas

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    Since NOT_PENNYSLTUCKY always has trouble providing citations to his ‘FACTS’, I thought I would help him out. According to the National Safety Council, the top six preventable injuries and fatalities in the home are: Poisonings (accounting for almost half), falls, drowning, choking, and fire/flames/smoke. Outside the home motor vehicle accidents are rated at #2.
    Odds of getting shot in an assault: 1 in 375. Accidental shooting: 1 in 6,905.
    So let’s get rid of those pesky poisons, cars, ladders, foods, and heart disease before we disarm the law-abiding public, shall we? 🇺🇸

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