Police Charge Scranton Firefighter with DUI

MOOSIC, Pa. -- A Scranton firefighter is locked up on his third DUI charge. This time, police in Moosic said the firefighter had fentanyl in his system when he plowed into an SUV with a family and two young kids inside.

Kyle Armbruster has been a firefighter in Scranton for three years but is now facing his third DUI charge. Twice, he was charged while under the influence of fentanyl, which according to the DEA is an opiate 100 times stronger than morphine.

Police said Armbruster was speeding along Birney Avenue in Moosic when his SUV smashed head-on with another SUV. A couple and two young children, ages three years old and nine months old, were inside the other SUV.

According to Moosic Police, officers found Armbruster walking away from the crash. Court papers show Armbruster was stumbling and smelled like alcohol.

He initially told police he was coming home from a firefighter training when he saw the accident and decided to help. However, his story changed when he was interviewed a second time. He told police he swerved to avoid hitting a deer.

The couple inside the other SUV told police they saw Armbruster's car in their lane, coming straight at them.

A witness told police they watched Armbruster's car on Interstate 81 "swerving back and forth hitting the barrier along the interstate for miles".

Court papers show Armbruster's family told police he has been struggling with a heroin addiction.

While police were at the hospital to interview Ambruster, court papers show he told a nurse that he, "dumped out his urine sample".

Ultimately, a blood test revealed the fentanyl in his system that night.

Scranton Fire Chief Pat DeSarno has no comment on the charges, but he did confirm to Newswatch 16 that Armbruster is still a member of the department.

If convicted, Armbruster faces a minimum of a year in jail. He is locked up in Lackawanna County Jail on $10,000 bail.


  • patlf71

    His 3rd DUI in 5 years with 2 of them involving fentanyl and he’s been a fireman only 3 years. Who got him his job and if he is not fired 1st thing today by the interim mayor and the rest of city council then they are all corrupt.

  • Kathleen Harkins

    WHEN Will People Learn . His third DUI and Drugs . God Almighty When will People GET IT! We Trust Police and Firefighters to Help us when we are in Trouble and Here we are The one we Trust nearly Kills a Family BECAUSE he wants to Be Stupid. In this Case I REALLY I hope he Goes to Jail so he can Dry Out, GET HELP Buddy Dam.

  • savescrantonhistory

    Third DUI and STILL a member of the fire department? What will it take to FIRE this guy? Gotta admit that these guys got a great union to be this screwed up and STILL be employed by the city. That, and all the “hurt” employees out on disability pensions(who go on to work elsewhere in the same kinda jobs), would stop in a heartbeat if I ever got the nerve to run for mayor. A LOT of things would change if I had the nerve to run for that office.

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