First-ever Jim Thorpe Hometown Festival

JIM THORPE, Pa. -- The annual "Stay-at-Home Festival" in Jim Thorpe was canceled by its long-time organizers earlier this year, but that wasn't enough to put a stop to the event.

When residents in Jim Thorpe heard that their beloved festival was canceled this year, they took it upon themselves to put one on.

"It's about a small town who doesn't want a tradition to die," volunteer Trish Spillman said.

The inaugural Jim Thorpe Hometown Festival became a passion project for the community. Sam Miller Field volunteered to play host and partnered up with the Jim Thorpe Tourism Agency to organize the event.

"Once we were able to come together as a group and pick a date, really we got almost blanket approval from the borough and the county, essentially, 'What can we do to help make this happen? Let us help,'" said Michael Rivkin, Jim Thorpe Tourism Agency.

Working tirelessly from January to July, residents and businesses pitched in to help out, all in the name of good old-fashioned community fun.

"Jim Thorpe simply cannot not have fireworks. That has been our guiding light for the half year we've spent putting this together," Rivkin added.

Besides fireworks, there is also live music, rides, games, and food.

Keeping a tradition alive to show what community is all about.

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