Police: House Damaged by Trespasser Party

NUANGOLA, Pa. -- Dry wall torn from the studs, electrical wires exposed and cups and bottles scattered everywhere. It's just some of the mess Maria Sitar is facing in her childhood home in Nuangola.

"Thank god you know no fire was started because they basically slammed themselves or took curtain rods and slammed them into the wall," said Sitar.

Upstairs Sitar found worse.

"What I assume is vomit in my bedroom, my old childhood bedroom. The bathroom is just disgusting," Sitar said.

Police say they believe teenagers broke into this house earlier this week and threw a party.

Sitar says the house is vacant, except for some of her father's belongings. He passed away unexpectedly in April and now the house is for sale.

"My dad built the house, you know, it was a smaller house and just blood, sweat and tears. He built it with his own hands and I helped him. Memories of holding sheet rock," said Sitar.

The homeowners tell Newswatch 16 they didn't realize anything was wrong until they came here to mow the lawn and found the for sale sign missing in the front yard. They found it inside with the rest of the destruction.

"Just destroyed our house and violated memories this isn't just a house this isn't just a house, you know what I mean. This is a home."

Rice Township Police say they are conducting interviews and reviewing social media to find out who is responsible for this mess.

"Charges will be pressed, we're not going easy. This is disgusting. To do this to someone's home, vacant or not, for sale or not, you have no right to come into this house and do this."

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 570-868-6400.


  • Dana Winston

    Try the grandchildren… bet they knew gramps house was available to party and crap got outta hand. Similar crap happened in nj 20 years ago…kid gave moms house keys to a friend to party while the family was away. Trashed and plundered and tried to burn it down

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