Big Chief Market Back Open in Lackawanna County

MAYFIELD, Pa. -- Having Big Chief Market back open is a big deal for people in Mayfield.

The food market on Main Street was closed for about a year, leaving customers no place close to go grocery shopping

"It has been hard especially like the car not running you got to go to Archbald or Carbondale if you don't have a vehicle then you got to walk but this opening is a big deal. It is a lot prettier I am excited," said Yvonne Blair.

The store closed after the former owner fell into legal trouble.

Brian Rogen manages the food market and wanted it to be a one stop shop for customers.

The family run food market comes with a full deli, coffee and snacks.

"We are about 15,000 likes every time we put a photo on it is really good the town is about ripe for this kind of store," said Rogen.

With the nearest markets in Archbald and or Carbondale people are happy to have the Big Chief Back in town.

"Everybody is really sick of that they have to drive real far to get their grocery and lottery. We are excited to be here and so is the community," said Jared Mauro.

"Having this here in such a small town it is more convenient for the elderly because it more local for them to get at and they carry anything that you would need it is perfect," said Blair.

Big Chief Market in Mayfield is open daily.

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