16 To The Rescue: Rosie

MILTON, Pa. -- Looking for a strong and beautiful lady in your life? Three-year-old Rosie, a bully mix at Haven to Home Rescue in Milton might be the gal for you.

"Loves the pool, loves going for a ride, I mean you put her in the car and she is your little co-pilot," said Angela Cooper of Haven to Home Rescue.

Rosie adores humans but she really fancies men.

"If you come into the kennel and there's a woman and a man there, she's going to go right straight to the man and she's going to love on the man, she's going to give you all kinds of kisses. She loves women, but she prefers men I think," said Cooper.

Rosie is sassy and as they say, "strong like bull." So she'll need an owner with some muscle.

"Somebody who is familiar with the bully breeds, somebody who is going to be strong enough to handle walking her, that physical strength that she definitely has and somebody who knows how to put appropriate boundaries in place with the bully breeds who tend to be a little headstrong."

If you have another dog in your home, you'll have to take it slow..

"We haven't ruled out that she couldn't live with another dog," said Cooper. "But there would have to be some slow introductions and i think there would have to be some appropriate boundaries in the home."

Because of her stubbornness, Rosie will need some manners,  which the rescue has offered to help with.

"When that right person comes along there's some opportunity for some additional training, some outside training, that we would definitely be willing to make happen with her."

Rosie enjoys strolls but also does gymnastics from time to time.

"She'll go from one somersault, to the next somersault, and it is hilarious to see because you can tell she is 100% happy. Just pure joy coming out of her when she does that."

"She's got that stubborn side to her and if you can appreciate it, it just makes you laugh."

Think Rosie's the perfect match for you? Head over to Haven to Home's website for more information on how to get the adoption process started.

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