People Flock to 47th Annual Pineknotter Days

NORTHUMBERLAND, Pa. -- The hot weather did not keep people away from Northumberland on this Independence Day. it's the 47th annual Pineknotter Days and people stopped by King Street Park for music, crafts, and food.

Pineknotter Days are held every year during the first week of July.

"This has grown as far as the vendors here throughout the years. it's just a fantastic time, everybody comes in," Richard Shaffer said.

"Oh, it's just fun, the food, the treats, it's really nice," Christine Barge said.

"Normally, we are down every night to hear a band. It's handicapped accessible," said Linda Mottern.

So, what is a pineknotter? It's a tough person because a pine knot is where the branch goes into the tree and forms a tight knot.

For some of the vendors, Pineknotter Days serves as a fundraiser for their organizations.

"The revenue we take in, we use it for the truck fund and to keep the business going," said Brian Ruch of the Northumberland Fire Department.

The Northumberland Fire Department estimates they will go through 650 pounds of fish this week.

"It's very hot, but we just put it behind us and we're here for the public and to have a good time," Ruch added.

Pineknotter Days runs through Friday in Northumberland.

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