Shane and Wyatt Raising Awareness, Supporting Law Enforcement

MAHONING TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Twins with Down syndrome are on a mission to collect patches from all 50 state police agencies across the country.

You may be familiar with these adorable twin brothers, Wyatt and Shane Waksmunski from Mahoning Township. They've done a lot of things in the Lehighton community to raise awareness about Down syndrome and also to promote acceptance, inclusion, and respect. Now, they're at it again.

"This idea started as an awareness campaign for the bracelets we hand out, and we color-scheme them, and the latest color scheme that we put together is black and blue for law enforcement," said Eric Waksmunski, Shane and Wyatt's father. "Then the thought came up to not only provide the bracelets to members of law enforcement but to do an exchange or trade for patches."

Shane and Wyatt are trying to collect state police patches from every state in America as well as patches from any other law enforcement agency.

Shane and Wyatt recently made a trip to the state police barracks near Hazleton with Trooper Petroski -- the first step in their goal to 50.

"The last time we went up there, Shane and Wyatt for the whole ride from our home up to Troop N clapped the whole way. They knew where they were going. They knew who they were going to see. They knew why they were going, and they were so excited," Eric said.

Shane and Wyatt started collecting these badges about two weeks ago and already have five different patches from five different states -- 45 left to go.

"The message is about acceptance and inclusion and awareness and respect, not just for Shane and Wyatt, but engage in conversation for all individuals.

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