Rescan Alert: Here’s What You Need to Do to Continue Watching WNEP Over-the-Air After August 1st

If you watch WNEP over-the-air with an antenna, you may need to perform a rescan to keep watching beginning August 1, 2019.

Why Rescan?

Due to the FCC repack (post-incentive auction) where part of the broadcaster’s bandwidth was auctioned to other entities, WNEP has been assigned a new over-the-air digital channel.

On August 1, 2019 at 10 am, WNEP will begin broadcasting on digital channel 16 and eliminating our digital channel 50 transmitter. The “virtual” channel shown on television program guide info will remain the same to consumers at 16.1, 16.2, etc.

Our signal coverage area should be slightly enhanced and the output power of our new facility will be increased also.

Rescan Recommendations:

If you receive digital TV over-the-air with an antenna, you should periodically rescan to update the channels you receive.

While some digital converter boxes do this automatically, you may need to manually select “scan” or “auto-tune” from the TV or converter box to start the scanning process.

You can usually find instructions to do so by pressing the “set-up” or “menu” buttons on your remote control.

If you have difficulty, consult the owner’s manual for more detailed instructions on how to run a channel scan, or contact customer service for your TV or converter box manufacturer. You may find contact information in your instruction manual or on the internet.

Once the rescan is complete, you should be receiving all available digital channels through your antenna, including WNEP.

Rescan Resources:

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