Dog Park Coming to Pottsville

POTTSVILLE, Pa. -- Plans for a dog park in Schuylkill County are progressing.

Even on a gorgeous summer day in Pottsville, a park at the end of Peacock Street is empty. The grass is overgrown and the playground is vacant, but according to city officials, this space will be a dog park sometime next year.

It's part of a continued movement to help draw people and their pets to Pottsville.

"It's only going to help. It gives people a place to take their animals. Especially if you live within the city, there's not many places if you don't have a yard or things like that. It's a great idea. I'm looking forward to taking my dogs there as well," said Casey Steffanic, owner of Progress Cleaners.

People who live in the neighborhood are hoping that the overall condition of the park improves with the dog park coming here in 2020. As it stands right now, nobody really uses it.

"It gives people, some of the old people who have dogs, a place to take their dogs out. It's quiet. Up and down this road here, the four wheelers go up and down here too much, too quick. And I don't mind the kids coming here, riding them down the street here, but man, I'll tell you, they rip down here," said resident Joe Ostrowsky.

There are several events coming up to raise money for the project. on July 27, there's a walk for the park event at the JFK walking path.

Casey Steffanic owns Progress Cleaners and the Port Bar and Grill. He's holding events this summer to assist with the project.

"We're going to be opening up our deck to be pet-friendly. We're going to call it yappy hour. We're going to be doing drink specials and also specials for the animals that come in, with treats and/or mockup type margaritas for them as well. We had a lot of people asking us if we're pet-friendly and we thought it was a great idea."

Dog lovers add they're looking forward to this barren spot becoming a destination again.

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