Crews Rescue Man from Nay Aug Gorge

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Rescue crews pulled a man from the gorge at Nay Aug Park Sunday afternoon after he jumped into the water.

According to the victim's family members, he jumped off one of the cliffs and dislocated his shoulder. He was then carried down to shallower water by the current.

Crews were able to get him out of the water.

There is no word on the victim's name or condition.


  • brisko66

    People need to get it through there heads that if it rains excessively for more than one or 2 days during a week that most likely that water isn’t safe to jump in. Let alone just eyeing it out and seeing it’s pretty obvious you can’t find those currents. Bad decisions like this will soon have this place closed. 👎

  • george coggins (@mindash)

    seriously he needed a rescue for a dislocated shoulder thats just stupid. ive had similiar happen wile swimming and i simply smashed it against a rock to put it back in place, no ems time or resources wasted . this was a disproportionate reaction and response iyam

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