Heller’s Orchards Celebrates 100 years in Business

CONYNGHAM TOWNSHIP, Pa. One family farm in Luzerne County is celebrating 100 years in business.

There are thousands of apple, peach, and cherry trees planted across 100 acres in Luzerne County, all thanks to three generations of Hellers. Their orchard has been a staple here near Wapwallopen for 100 years.

"Since I been here, there's three generations of trees planted," said 84-year-old Hap Hinchcliff, who has worked at Heller's Orchard for more than 70 years. He says he's proud to see it grow and prosper.

"Well, it makes me feel pretty darn good."

Now the orchard is managed by Greg Heller and his wife Andrea. Heller says a lot has changed since his grandfather started the business in 1919.

"The industry has really, it's evolving. There's new varieties coming all the time. it's really a lot to keep up with," Heller said.

Heller says it's his passion that's made him stay successful over the years, but his friends and family have other words in mind

"He's got a lot of courage because farming is a gamble. No matter how you look at it, you got to gamble on the weather most of the time," Hinchcliff said.

"He works around the clock and he has he's dedicated to what he does and he does it because he has a passion for what he does," Andrea Heller said.

Andrea says she had no idea how hard it would be to run an orchard when she married into the family, but she says she, Greg, and their children have a lot of inspiration and hope to keep up the legacy they've built together alive for centuries to come.

"He says I will never let my forefathers down. They're watching over me and I'm not going to let them down," Andrea added.

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