Sunbury Man Seeks to Legally Prove His Innocence

SUNBURY, Pa. -- Scott Schaeffer stood outside the Northumberland County Courthouse in Sunbury surrounded by family, friends, and supporters.

Schaeffer and another man Billy Hendricks spent 17 years in prison for a murder they say they did not commit and is in court to try and clear his name.

"We're not asking for anything special. We're not saying just let us go. Do the DNA, prove who was there, prove we weren't. That's the bottom line," said Schaeffer.

In 1989, Schaeffer and Hendricks were convicted of murdering Rickey Wolfe of Mifflinburg and they were both given life sentences.

In 2007, new evidence came out showing the men were not at the murder scene and they were given a new trial.

Both pleaded no contest to a lesser charge and were released from prison.

Earlier this year, Schaeffer filed a petition to legally prove his innocence.

"That way then the actual culprits can be prosecuted, people like Timmy can have some closure, my family can have closure," said Schaeffer.

Timmy is Tim Wolfe, the victim's son, and he was at the hearing to support Schaeffer.

"I've been on his side pretty much from the get-go. I found out he was a pretty stand up man and I believe his story," said Wolfe.

Around 75 people came to the hearing and sat in the courtroom to show their support for Scott Schaeffer.

"We want it over. It's too many years. He shouldn't have been there in the first place," said Lillian Reader, Scott's aunt.

"I want the right people exonerated or put behind bars," said Schaeffer.

Friends and family of cold case murder victim Barbara Miller were also at the hearing.

Some believe the Wolfe and Miller cases overlap.

Schaeffer is grateful for everyone's support.

"They supported me since May 9th, 1989 when they framed me for this murder. They've been to every court appearance, every court hearing, everything," said Schaeffer.


  • George Lamprinos

    Two years ago former Sunbury chief of police Miller tore up the basement at 751 north front street in Milton. Cadaver sniffing dogs were there. But we heard nothing official of what they found (if anything). That was two years ago. Really wish local news would keep stuff like this in the spotlight. We hear lots about it then nothing. I’d love to see a segment on unsolved crimes in the area. Everything from large thefts to unsolved murders. Bet we’d all get an eye opening on everything that goes unsolved vs. everything that is solved.

    • lickerblisters

      …….remember during that same investigation around the same time the divers pulled that container up out of the lake? Never heard anything more about that either. I’m starting to smell a “good ol’ boys” cover up. 🤔


  • Giggity-MF-goo

    i too had been setup and framed by the very same ones that are supposed to serve us. I feel the pain too. proof that honesty isnt the be
    st policy

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