Former Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Joe Sestak declares run for president in surprise announcement

Former Pennsylvania Rep. Joe Sestak became the latest Democratic candidate to wade into the race for the presidency, announcing his candidacy in a video posted to his website Sunday morning.

In an already-crowded primary field, former Pennsylvania Rep. Joe Sestak became the latest Democratic candidate to wade into the race for the presidency, announcing his candidacy in a video posted to his website Sunday morning.

Sestak, who mounted unsuccessful bids for US Senate in 2010 and 2016 touted his “commitment to service,” citing his career in the US Navy, where he rose to the rank of 3-star Admiral. In his announcement video, Sestak, 67, blasted decisions like the 2003 invasion of Iraq — which he said “was justified as a preventive war by our leaders at the time, then embroiling us in its expanding conflict throughout the Middle East, into Africa and beyond as it created the more brutal terror of ISIS.”

“The hour has become late to restore US leadership to this liberal world order, but Iraq is our lesson to remember,” Sestak said in the video. “Democrats and Republicans alike who cast their votes for the tragic misadventure in Iraq showed little understanding that while militaries can stop a problem, they can never fix a problem.”

As for the 23 other Democratic candidates currently seeking the party’s nomination for president, Sestak admitted he was late to the nominating contest, conceding, “My announcement may be later than others for the honor of seeking the Presidency,” and citing his daughter’s recent fight with brain cancer as the reason for his delay.

“Throughout this past year, Alex again showed she is stronger than me, heroically beating the single digit odds once more, drawing on the fortitude of her Mom,” he said.

Sestak will kick off his campaign with a discussion in the lobby of the Sullivan Brothers Iowa Veterans Museum in Waterloo, Iowa, Sunday afternoon.


    • yougottabekiddin1

      You’re right…perfect analogy! But, after a lifetime in politics…they’re gonna fix things if they get elected! Are people really this gullible??

      • Jeff Woehrle

        The dims are just outright buying votes now. Between reparations and erasing student loans, it seems that one after the other are racing to provide more free stuff.

        The democrat party has always been one of low-information voters. However, they can easily be bought.


  • Jim hacky (@HackyJim)

    It’s nothing but networking like a businessman going out looking for new partners kickback, throwbacks, payoffs and of course the big one favors try to put a price tag on that one big money $$$

  • Bob Stevens

    Keep splitting that vote more and more… no amount of illegal and dead votes are gonna help if the main voting base is divided between Larry, Curly, Moe and Shemp.
    Trump 2020… then once the deep state is destroyed we can vote in constitutionalist to remover infringements and restore our god given rights!!

    • fortisveritas

      Bob Stevens: “Hey Hypo-dumb@ss, I’m an atheist”

      Also Bob Stevens: “restore our god given rights!!“

      So what is it Bob? God or no God?

      What rights has God given us?

  • yougottabekiddin1

    I heard Benny Hill is going to throw his name into the Democrat pool! He might as well, he has as good a chance as the other clowns! Here’s a revelation…..Worry more about the issues right here at home. You know, the issues no Democrat wants to talk about (our homeless, our disaster of a foster care system, crappy treatment of our injured and disabled veterans, etc.) and less about illegal immigrants (who are criminals..period…LOOK UP THE WORD ILLEGAL!), fixing the worlds problems, and catering to small special interest groups. ALL with our tax dollars! Why is there an endless pool of money to take care of these people but limited recsourses to take care of our own? Democrats?? Signed…. a working tax paying. (For 40+ years and counting) legal American!

  • Lisa Marshinski

    Why not, right? He can stand next to Eric “we’ll nuke the American people” Swalwell.

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