Taking Advantage of a Break in the Rain

WYOMING, Pa. -- With a break in the rain, Bob Dipietro of Wyoming says he just might have a chance to get some yard work done.

"There's been so much rain, I actually have mold growing on my back," Dipietro joked. "So there's the sun and I'm waiting to cut the grass."

Dipietro says this bright ball of light peeking through the trees isn't something he's used to.

"My eyes water," laughed Dipietro. "My eyes don't know what that is. It's just like a big thing up there, you know?"

Dipietro is hoping that sun and can dry things up.

"It's just soaked. Everything's soaked," said Dipietro.

Lawn care crews are trying to do what they can to keep up with demand.

"It never really dries out to the point where you can get caught up properly, but we do the best we can," explained Seth Novak of Landshapers.

Novak says he and his crews will be busy now that there's a break in the rain.

"We're out whenever we can get out, and obviously this upcoming weekend is supposed to be nice, so that's great. I mean, we look for as many dry days as we possibly can," said Novak.

Despite the mess, Novak tries to look on the bright side.

"You have to stay positive and have to say at least it's not dried out and brown," added Novak.

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