Kicking off Summer with Some Sun in Jim Thorpe

JIM THORPE, Pa. -- Tourists weren't the only visitors in downtown Jim Thorpe on Friday. The sun made a guest appearance, too.

The summer season is here, and the weather is being welcomed by businesses like Pocono Biking.

"Biking has gone down a little bit, but hopefully this weekend will bring it back up with all the nice weather," said Caiden Hurley, Pocono Biking.

After months and weeks of rain, people are ready for some sunshine this weekend. Hurley says the shop has hundreds of bikes ready to be rented.

"We are really excited. It's a great weekend to go biking, and I hope we get a lot of people this weekend to come down and enjoy the weekend on the trail," said Hurley.

People visiting downtown Jim Thorpe are excited about the good weather, too. Those we spoke to say they are happy to be able to walk around, go shopping, and take a train ride without having to worry about the rain.

"Finally, oh finally the sun is out. I've been on a week of vacation and finally, the sun has come out," said Christopher McCrea, Scranton.

"It's beautiful, finally no rain, no coverage, nothing," said Kristie Kashinski, Blakely.

McCrea and Kashinski started off their summer by walking around the borough. Kashinski says she is going to take advantage of the nice weather for as long as she can.

"Oh finally nice weather, it's excellent. I am finally out here enjoying the sunshine. I am going to keep walking out here and everything," said Kashinski.

There will be lots to see and do in downtown Jim Thorpe for the first weekend of summer.  For a list of events, click here.

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