Homemade Day Festival Battles the Poor Conditions

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- Visitors and vendors at Homemade Days, an annual event in Brandon Park showcasing arts and crafts from the area, were greeted by wet and sloppy conditions thanks to all the rain over the past week in central Pennsylvania.

80-year-old Barbara Clark struggled through the mud just to make sure her tent was set up before the event started.

"This morning it was all mud, and I mean mud. You couldn't walk without getting in mud," said Clark.

But festivalgoers did not have to suffer for too long as the city of Williamsport arrived just as the event began to lay mulch in foot traffic areas with heavy amounts of mud.

"I think it is really nice of them to do that so we could come and enjoy the Homemade Days and not worry about the mud, but I'm really thankful they did it," said Kelly Milton, who was attending the festival with her son.

Sherry Maxwell has been coming to the event for years and thinks the mulch is not necessary.

"It spoils the day. It is noisy and it is stinky. You know Williamsport, we are all survivors around here. If we get up to our ankles in water, it is not going to be a big thing," said Maxwell.

However, no matter the mud or the mulch after a wet week, the sun was out for the event, and the weather is supposed to be nice for people to come out and support local businesses.

"It's artisans, you know? It's a good thing to get and help people that make these things, too," Maxwell added.

Homemade Days in Williamsport runs until 7 p.m. Friday and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday.

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