Providing Housing & Employment for Vets and the Needy

PORT CARBON, Pa. -- A nonprofit organization based in Schuylkill County is working to renovate a home to help veterans and others in need.

The sign on a house on 2nd Street in Port Carbon says it all: We Agape You. The nonprofit organization has a mission to prevent veteran suicides through employment and providing housing to those who served our country.

"It's such a staggering amount of suicides every day that we want to do all we can do, getting them employment, housing, self-sufficiency type of stuff," explained Rev. Randolph Simmons, We Agape You.

We Agape You is transforming this house into a four-floor, 16-bedroom transitional house for veterans as well as those who are in dire need of help. According to the US Department of Veterans Affairs, more than 20 veterans a day die by suicide. It's the nonprofit's hope by staying here, some stability will help vets get on the right path.

"Either you get the stability or you go back to the ways of old or worse," Simmons added. "It's a sad thing how 22 veterans are killing themselves each and every day."

Not only will people be able to stay here for free, but We Agape You will also help residents find employment in and around Schuylkill County.

"Personally speaking, I know what it's like to get out of the military and not have a sense of hope or a sense of stability. Being in the military, when you wake up, you know what you have to do. It's no questions asked, so stability is definitely a must," said Vercio Wiley, a retired Army sergeant.

We Agape You hopes to have the place done in about two months. The nonprofit is also asking for more community involvement. For more information, click here.

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