Jake Olson, Blind Golfer, at Swing for Sight Tournament

USC graduate Jake Olson quietly stole the show at the Swing for Sight golf tournament. With his father Brian and his guide dog "Quebec," Jake, one group, one hole, one swing at a time, inspired with an array of blind shot making.

"I understood when I went blind that things were going to be very different," recalled Olson. "I would have to play football different, I would have to play golf different. But, that didn't mean I would have to forfeit on those two sports, the things I love," Jake concluded.

"My message is to continue to do the things you love," said Jake. "Find a way, don't look at the excuses, something that is going to stop you, that could ruin your life, then move through it and find a way and be around people who are willing to find their way," Olson added.

"What traits do you have to make you special in that respect? Because you must be kind of stubborn," asked Jim Coles.

"Yeah, that's the first one that comes to mind stubborn," said a bemused Jake. "It takes courage, trusting, going out there and finding what you're worth, with whatever venture you're going to go out and do. It can be scary, but you have to go out there and be able to deal with failure and look failure differently and looks at it as a learning tool," replied the 22 year old.

Jake has a charity, "Out of Sight Faith."  He has also written a book called "Open Your Eyes."

Maybe more impressively, last season he became the first player in Division I college football, to be blind and play in a game. He was the long snapper against Western Michigan and like everything else he has touched, it was successful.

"It was a lot of practice, to put into it," admitted Jake. "You had to overcome, obviously perfecting long snapping, but also some minds about high school and college level of people not thinking a blind person should not be out there snapping."

Like most recent college graduates, the 22 year old is looking to the future. in Jake's unique way.

"Definitely, doing some cool things with a talent agency in L.A. We might be "Dancing with the Stars" soon, I'm not sure," said a grinning Olson. "But, we have a lot of cool things, but I definitely want to continue to be an athlete, play golf, and see how far I can take my game."

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