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Learning Lessons in the Garden

SCRANTON, Pa. -- On a day too beautiful to be inside teachers from Bancroft Elementary took the lesson outdoors. A lesson that has been months in the making, a community garden.

Bancroft Elementary first graders got their hands dirty.

"We started, we got some composting worms, some red wigglers they're called, and we started making our own soil. So we would feed our own worms vegetables and plants," said Kristen Novak.

They also planted seeds and raised them into seedlings.

"When you plant a seed it starts as a seed then it starts to sprout and it gets bigger then it becomes a flower and here it will become a vegetable," said Drake Snedeker.

Now students are excited to see the literal fruits of their labor.

While the school year is almost over, the lesson doesn't stop here. Students will continue to learn about growing, harvesting and composting throughout the summer.

"We sent home a flyer to everyone in the entire school, asking for volunteers to take care of the garden over the summer. So we are getting responses back from parents about which days they would be willing to come in and water our garden and then everyone is able to come in and harvest the vegetables," said April Butler.

The Everhart Museum and other community partners helped teachers Kristen Novak and April Butler get the project off the ground and say next year they hope it will be even bigger.

"We're just excited about the kids getting to see the whole process of the plants growing, being able to harvest their vegetables, bring them home, learn how to cook them with their families. A community garden just brings about healthy, healthy relationships," said Novak.

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