16 To The Rescue: Jameson, Jelly, Mrs. Murdock

SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Jameson, Jelly, and Mrs. Murdock are felines that currently reside at the Animal Care Sanctuary outside Towanda.

Each is a part of a special adoption program at the shelter.

"Our CatZilla program is a program to help adopt out our more difficult to place cats," explained Rebecca Morgan. "Cats who don't get along with other cats, cats who don't really get along with kids, and cats who may not be totally lovable all the time but have their moments, we want to give every cat a chance here, so we actually waived all of our CatZilla adoption fees."

Jameson came to the shelter in rough shape.

"He had a wound on the back of his ear and it was covered in maggots. He also had scars all over himself. He was an outside cat, he definitely fought his way through life.

Jameson wasn't very sociable when he arrived, so shelter workers placed him with older cats, to help him out of his shell.

"If there's a laser pointer sitting on the desk, he'd know what it was and he'd bat at it until someone would pick it up and play with him. So he is an outgoing, amazing cat now. He's been here for two years. He's three years old so he's been here for most of his life."

Jameson would prefer a home without dogs or young kids.

"Not only will you have a playmate, you'll have a snuggle buddy, you'll just have a whole friend, a companion, to spend time with," Morgan said.

Mrs. Murdock has a zesty personality and enjoys running around, that is when she's not perched high above her humans.

"She does like to be pet and snuggled when she wants, if she doesn't want it, forget about it."

Mrs. Murdock isn't a fan of dogs, but another cat is a possibility.

"She would do best in a home with no little kids, and she could probably live in a home with one other cat, but she would have to be the boss, there is no discussion."

Our final feline is Jelly.

"Jelly is about 17 pounds of straight sass. She has a very big personality, it matches her big hands and her big feet, she's got chubby little toe beans."

In the beginning, Jelly wasn't big on other cats, but she's changed.

"Ever since she's gotten fostered, she's come back a whole new cat, so I think she would do OK in a home with another cat."

Jameson, Jelly and, Mrs. Murdock are all part of the CatZilla program, so all of their adoption fees are waived.

If you're interested in adopting these cats, you can contact Animal Care Sanctuary.

Click here for additional resources for pet adoption.

If you are a shelter or rescue that has an animal you would like featured on 16 To The Rescue, you can email Kerry Brazen at 16Rescue@wnep.com

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