Crash Causes Traffic Backup on Interstate 81 North in Scranton

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Traffic is moving again on Interstate 81 north after four vehicles, including a tractor-trailer collided near the River Street exit (184) in Scranton around 9 a.m.

That crash happened right near the start of a construction zone in the northbound lanes adding to the congestion and back up.

There is no word on injuries or the cause of the wreck.

For the latest traffic conditions, click here.


  • Sue Phillips

    hmmm construction zone…. one lane closed signs are there only as a suggestion to drivers…. got to make sure you get to the front of the line before getting over…

      • fortisveritas

        I know it’s a bit much for your furry-porn addled brain to figure out, but it’s a construction zone – therefore PennDOT trucks are working in the area. And if you would use your mouse to click on the hyperlink in this article instead of the gay anime you watch, you would see that PennDOT is mentioned again. MAN, you are dumb.

      • fortisveritas

        OK there ALBERTCOHOL, according to you I must be some kind of super-hacker that’s able to post under other people’s names… 🙄 Nice cover story – post what you want and blame someone else for it. Two words for you: Antipsychotic medication. Take it – please.

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