Camp Orchard Hill Receives Lifesaving Equipment

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- One summer camp in Luzerne County received a lifesaving donation right before the start of the season.

It may be small in size, but when it comes to saving lives you are going to want to have an automated external defibrillator or AED close by and know how to use it.

That's one of the lessons camp counselors learned during a training session before the start of the summer season at Camp Orchard Hill near Dallas.

More than 3,000 kids attend the camp over the summer in Luzerne County.

"Parents are entrusting their kids to us, either for everyday day camp or a week, and it means a lot to us because one thing parents care about is keeping their kids safe," said camp counselor Jonathan Alexander.

The AED machine was donated to the camp through Henningsen Cold Storage and the Peyton Walker Foundation.

Peyton Walker lost her life in 2013 while attending King's College when she was 19 after suffering from cardiac arrest.

"The foundation's mission is to make sure no other parents feel the heartache of losing their child to sudden cardiac arrest," said Renee Karstetter, Peyton Walker Foundation.

Camp Orchard Hill is in a rural part of Luzerne County and camp officials say when it comes to treating someone with sudden cardiac arrest, every second matters.

"Studies show the sooner the better, and so this will enable us if we need it, and hopefully we will never need it. In the event that we do need it, we are prepared and ready to go," said Jim Payne at Camp Orchard Hill.

Camp officials plan to keep this AED machine in the main area of the campground.

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