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Young Bear Scales Roof at Auto Body Shop

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- An auto body shop in Carbon County got an unexpected visitor: a young bear.

The bear scaled the roof at Wentz Auto Body Shop near Lehighton and one of the employees caught it on camera.

"It actually went off our steps here onto this roof here, so then it just hung out there. It got its wits back together and split," said manager Chris Wentz.

Workers say last Monday, they heard a loud noise. When Chris Wentz went outside, he thought a dog got hit by a car. Taking a closer look, he saw it was not a dog but a bear.

"We actually ran down to it and then ran back as fast as we ran down. The bear was actually coming towards us, so it was pretty crazy and funny in the same, well, afterwards it was funny. So the bear must have got startled."

Naturalists at the Carbon County Environmental Center say these bears that are between one and one and a half years old are just learning how to live on their own, so it's not uncommon for them to pop up in places where they shouldn't be.

If you see one of these bears there are a number of things you should do, but running isn't one of them.

"It's much like a college student. You get kicked loose and you're not quite sure what you should be doing. Is this the right things, wrong thing? The same with these bears," said Jeannie Carl, Carbon County Environmental Center.

Carl says if you see any type of bear, get away from it as safely as possible.

"Make the bear aware of you, loud noises like, 'hey, hey' or clap your hands, bang something together, slam a car door. Let them know this isn't a pleasant place to be and I got to get out of here."

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