Former Teacher Accused of Touching Students Inappropriately Sentenced to Probation

LEWISBURG, Pa. — A former teacher accused of inappropriately touching students has been sentenced to five years’ probation in Union County.

Former Midd West High School teacher Kurt Sprenkel pleaded no contest to charges he touched three fifth grade girls back in 2017.

The girls were 10 and 11 at the time.

Sprenkel resigned from Midd West a short time later.


  • bmh3192

    Probation? No jail time at all? It’s pathetic that you have creep low-life losers ruining and scaring little kids for life and these freaks never see a jail cell! But let someone get caught with a gram or 2 of some marijuana and they’ll end up in jail for 11-23 months followed by 5 years probation. It’s mind blowing and sickening to think this is how our justice systems work. The judges that hand out these barley punishment sentencing to these freaks and weirdos for touching and raping little kids should be sent to jail too! These judges are just as much as a lowlife as the pedophiles and need to be punished as well!!!

  • Joe Justjoe (@ForjoeJustjoe)

    Whoaa! a 10 year old and an 11 year old girl. Brittany Lovette nailed the title in this story. This perp was “blatantly” inappropriately sentenced. I see what you did with the title, brittany. Nice touch, girl. ;-)

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