Shamokin Woman Accused of Punching Judge After Crash

SHAMOKIN, Pa. — A woman from Shamokin is accused of punching a judge in the face after the two were involved in a crash.

District Judge John Gembic tells Newswatch 16 his truck was hit at 9th and Independence streets in Shamokin around 10 p.m. Saturday.

The other driver was identified as Kim Dornsife, 41, of Shamokin.

Gembic told officers he took the keys from her vehicle after the crash because he believed she was intoxicated. That’s when she allegedly punched him.

Dornsife was taken for a blood test and faces assault charges.


  • Mopar Driver (@RustyMopars)

    I know a lot of crooked judges I would like her to meet , Anyone ever talk to these buttoles ? Can you imagine how ignorant this judges actions were out of the courtroom , It is probably his fault and they will blame the woman- they know all the scams. – Anyone blood test the judge ?
    Can’t we just give he a medal and go fund me for her car repair/ legal defense ?

  • Guy Dave

    I also believe the Judge should be charged, with robbery and attempted carjacking, false arrest, false imprisonment and official oppression. Who does he think he is, He is an MDJ not a police officer, he made an illegal detention and arrest. She was defending herself from someone trying to take her personal property. I would be getting a Philly attorney and sue in federal court. She has a payday coming.

    • jsrant

      Why, because he believed she was drunk? I would of done the same thing. Only I would of put my gun to her head and had her face down until the cops arrived. She was a threat, plain and simple. Lock her up with DUI as well.

      • whodathought6789

        Uh, what she did in no way requires the use of a firearm.

        Judging by the statement you made you should not have access to a gun, you seem like the type of person to pull it no matter what btype of situation you are in.

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