Vandals Egg 20 Cars in Tremont

TREMONT, Pa. -- Niki Wessner could point out exactly where her car was hit by eggs as splattered shells surrounded her car in Tremont.

Wessner and many others spent Saturday morning clearing eggs off their cars in Schuylkill County.

“This street is a quiet street, and it is something you wake up and you are not expecting. We don't have a lot of vandalism in this area,” said Niki Wessner.

Borough officials say vandals hit dozens of cars with eggs on Clay, Spring, and Vaux streets. Empty egg cartons were littered in and around the borough.

“No respect, no respect, it is disappointing,” and Wessner.

“It is a waste of food, a waste of money, and who knows if it is teenagers or young adults,” said Kelly Truscott Tremont.

Tremont borough officials say the vandals hit more than 20 cars between 2 and 5 a.m. on Saturday.

Removing eggs from cars was the last thing these Tremont residents wanted to deal with.

“Disheartening. I mean, it is unreal. It is not your quiet town. Everyone should be respectful of other people's property,” Truscott said.

“Put them into community service and put them in a chicken factory and see if they ever want to smell eggs again,” added Wessner.

Borough police are still looking for the vandals.


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