Granddaughter’s Charges Bound to Court in Deadly Edwardsville Stabbing

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. -- A teen accused of killing her own grandfather in Luzerne County will head to trial.

A judge determined on Friday there is enough evidence to send Gabriella Long, 17, to court.

Long is among three people charged with killing 71-year-old Joseph Monka at his home in Edwardsville.

Investigators say Monka was stabbed and then robbed back in April.

Homicide charges against Christopher Cortez and Devin Cunningham were also bound to court.

A judge dismissed homicide charges against a fourth person, 16-year-old Mercedes Hall.

After the judge's decision, prosecutors withdrew the charges against Hall and refiled all charges against her including criminal homicide.

Hall was arraigned on the new charges and denied bail in Luzerne County.


  • Rusty Knyffe

    Okay. It is my hope that all of these degenerates will be tried as adult, and the clue to what kinds of “citizens” these people are is evident upon their faces. Arrogance and a complete absence of conscience. This gal is smirking as she’s escorted in handcuffs.

    Oh………and, a side note to taxpaying citizens. When a teenager goes to prison in PA, they are allotted special nutrition additions because they’re not yet adults, so the wisdom is that more nutritious foods (than other inmates receive) will help them to develop, properly. Dear heavens……….

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