Java Lovers Hyped by New Study Results

CLARKS SUMMIT, Pa. -- The findings of a new study released this week have some coffee lovers pretty hyped.

Roxanne Grizzanti said she pours more than 1,000 cups of coffee a day during her shift at Silver Spoon Diner in Clarks Summit.

She drinks the stuff, herself, too.

"My relationship with coffee is very good. I have a timer on my coffee maker in the morning and when I get ready for work, my coffee is ready to go," she said.

The study was sponsored by the British Heart Foundation. Researchers found that drinking coffee does not stiffen arteries, which could increase the risk of heart attacks or strokes.

In fact, the researchers said even people who drank more than 25 cups a day showed no increase in stiffening arteries.

"I remember when they said that was not good for you. I like coffee," laughed Kathy Opycke of Easton as she ate breakfast at Silver Spoon Diner with her husband.

"Drink it every day, I need it, you know? I find I'm a little addicted to it. I enjoy it!" said Fred Dempsey of Clarks Summit, who called the study good news.

The researchers said they may have found that drinking more than 25 cups of coffee does not stiffen your arteries, but that does not necessarily mean it is good for your heart or your overall health.

"I always thought that everything in moderation was ok. So, I usually drank maybe three cups a day, sometimes a fourth," said Mark Opdycke.

While the java lovers call the new study good news, they admit there's not much that could keep them from their cup of joe.

"I need it in the morning, a couple of cups, you know? That old staple, yeah, I've got to have it in the morning," said Barry Chambers of South Abington Township.

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  • Hope Moffitt

    The story is a little strange. There’s no way one person serves 1000 cups of coffee a day. Also who on Earth would want to drink 25 cups of coffee a day.

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