Arrest Made in Poconos Homicide

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Police now say a woman found dead along a stream over the weekend is a victim of a homicide.

Investigators say the killer led them on a chase before they could catch him in New York.

Officers charged Gerald Neal, 43, of Bushkill with murdering his girlfriend.

Officers caught Neal in Flushing, New York on Thursday.

Investigators say Neal shot Jeanette Sancho in the head and dumped her body along Lower Lakeview Road in Middle Smithfield Township on Friday.

Someone who lives in the area found her partially clothed, face down next to a stream on Saturday.

According to court documents, it appears Sancho and Neal had been arguing about a warrant that was out for Neal's arrest. It had to do with a drug case the couple were involved in last year in Virginia.

Last week, Neal was supposed to turn himself in to begin a multi-year prison sentence, but he refused, which led to arguments.

Surveillance and toll records show after the alleged murder, Neal traveled to Virginia, then to the New York City area where he was caught.

In addition to homicide charges, Neal is also accused of abusing a corpse, tampering with evidence, and illegally possessing a gun. He isn't allowed to carry a weapon because he has been convicted of manslaughter in the past. Police did not release any details about that conviction.


  • fortisveritas

    Huh? He wasn’t supposed to have a gun but he had one anyway? How can that be? More laws! More laws! 🙄

    • not_pennysltucky (@ds18301)

      Just curious: are you able to count the number of times you *weren’t* killed by somebody with bad brakes on their car because they had to have them (by law) fixed at inspection? Before you rant, of course I understand that you can’t stop every scofflaw (and before you go there: Chicago does NOT have the strictest gun laws in the country — not even close). However I’m sure glad we have cars (potential deadly weapons) inspected, drivers tested/licensed etc. Sensible gun laws are just that: sensible– even if they stop just one tragic death.

      • yabbadabbadude

        I’m glad you made the car comparison. Continuing in that vein, this guy would have stolen a car and run someone over. I’m pretty sure there’s laws against both of those actions already.

      • fortisveritas

        Yeah, OK. What about the states that don’t require inspections, Einstein? What ‘sensible gun law’ would have kept the gun out of this persons hands? Drivers tested – yeah – we’ve got the best drivers in the world, right here in NEPA… 🙄

      • darkhorse6669

        nothing can guarantee that more strict gun laws would have prevented him from having a gun, but one thing is for sure- If it is much harder to get one and the screening process was far more rigorous there would be far fewer guns out there (which means its going to be much harder for criminals to get their hands on them)

      • fortisveritas

        What screening process do they have for stolen firearms? The screening process for lawful purchases is already rigorous. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Ambiguous much?

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