A Year of Meditation at Himalayan Institute

DYBERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Yoga and the practice of meditation have become more and more popular in recent years, and now a retreat and wellness center in Wayne County is looking for folks to join in a yearlong meditation to make a positive impact in our world.

The Himalayan Institute near Honesdale has also grown along with the popularity of yoga. The organization is building a new shrine for meditation and also beginning a year of meditation anyone can take part in around the world.

It may not seem like much of a peaceful place right now; construction crews have been working week in and week out to build a new shrine for meditation at the Himalayan Institute near Honesdale.

"Idea here is to have a dedicated space to anyone around the world to come and practice meditation," Ishan Tigunait explained.

Ishan Tigunait gave Newswatch 16 a sneak peek inside the shrine, a unique place meant to help find inner peace. Now the institute wants to spread that quest throughout the world with a yearlong meditation starting next month. There's an app to help people keep track of their meditation time. Registration is already open.

"Idea here to find that peaceful inner space and share that with the world so that the world can be infused with the peace that's needed to bring positive change," Tigunait said.

"First thing you do is find a comfortable posture, close your eyes, find a peaceful space inside where your mind can rest," he explained.

"We're using group consciousness and bringing everyone together," said Brian Fulp, Himalayan Institute.

With so many improvements to this yoga, retreat, and wellness center, the institute is banking on technology helping to bring folks together for the common good around the world -- from the comfort of their own homes or here at the Himalayan Institute.

"Now we're giving a platform where everyone can come together in the same space, have a positive impact on themselves, community, and around the world," said Fulp.

The yearlong meditation begins in the middle of June and the goal is 1,000,008 hours of meditation.

The shrine will host an open house at the Himalayan Institute in mid-August.

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