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Wet Weather Delays Strawberry Crop

SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Rain has not been kind to the strawberry fields at Pallman Farms near Clarks Summit.

Craig Pallman says wet weather has not given the berries time to grow at his family farm.

"What we are seeing is the field behind me is probably two-thirds the size it should be from a plant standpoint. They've been stunted and set back," Pallman said.

Pallman says customers have been eager to pick this year's batch of strawberries but will have to give the berries time to become ripe.

Pallman Farms has grown strawberries for more than 30 years and has dealt with rainy weather before, just not like this.

"We are going through a nine-month wet spell. I mean we have been wet since last August and these strawberries have been in the ground since last June, if not earlier, so they've been dealing with this weather for more than the spring we are in right now," Pallman said.

Pallman Farms lets you pick the strawberries, so farmers are hoping the wet weather stays away so customers can pick as many strawberries as they like.

"We have got to have the cooperation of Mother Nature to provide us with the crop, but once we have the cooperation with the weather to allow people to come out and harvest the crop that we have had the luxury of producing."

Pallman says they are planning to open their farms to strawberry pickers by mid-June.

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