Road in Montour County Closed Indefinitely After Washing Away

MAHONING TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- One road in Montour County has been closed indefinitely after being heavily damaged in last week's storms.

Bald Top Road has officially been closed for repairs after the heavy rains over the last few weeks washed away part of the road causing a danger to those who frequently travel it.

"It's going to be long and drawn out until we get engineering involved and get all his feedback, to what they're dealing with and what his recommended repairs are going to be," said Lloyd Craig, group leader of Mahoning Township Street Department.

With road slippage, it's easy for an accident to occur, but with such a steep embankment off to the right side of the road, a car could go rolling down the embankment and land on Route 11.

"It is something we are moving very very quickly on, but with an eye to the expertise of the engineers and ensuring we are doing this correctly, not expediently, but correctly," said Mahoning Township supervisor T.S. Scott.

The project currently has no timeline and an engineering report is needed to see how deep the damage runs.

A detour recommended by the township is to take Route 54 to Route 642 to Klein Road. And while it's necessary, not all residents are happy about it.

"They're upset, but I understand it. It's a major inconvenience because it's not an easy detour to go around," said Craig.

Engineering crews are set to begin surveying Bald Top Road on Saturday.

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