Signing Day at Wyalusing High School

WYALUSING TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Students foregoing college to go right to the workforce were honored in Bradford County on Thursday. Wyalusing Area held its first signing day for graduating seniors.

As Colton Cooley signed his letter of intent to work at ABM Mechanical, applause followed inside Wyalusing High School in Bradford County. Instead of heading to college, the high school senior will be jumping into the workforce.

"I like going into the trade right out of high school, being ahead of the game, and not having to pay for education," Cooley said.

This was Wyalusing High School's first signing day for students not going to college. The school district wanted to honor students heading into the workforce.

"To be able to make money and learn the trade," said senior Logan Durland.  "Today's economy, there are a lot of jobs that are available right in the workforce instead of going right to college."

The signing day falls right in line with Wyalusing core values -- enrolled in college, enlisted in the military, or employed in the workforce.

On signing day, 10 high school seniors along with their employers signed a non-binding agreement intending to help students succeed in the future. The district believes this is a trend for students who do not plan to attend college.

"We are very excited and honored to have employers ready to hire our students. Those students have the skills, the maturity, the students have done the time here at high school and they are ready for the next step," said guidance counselor Alicia Kirkpatrick.

Mason McGroarty decided to join Mac Builders and Design to save up for college.

"Quite expensive nowadays and it would be very helpful to save a couple years and go back and get my degree," said McGroarty.

When these students graduate in June, they'll be employed already working on their future.

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