Rope Across Trail Injures Cyclist

LUZERNE, Pa. -- Police in Luzerne County are searching for the person who tied a rope across a popular walking trail. Officers say a bicyclist was injured after riding into that rope Wednesday night.

Luzerne borough police have taken that rope down, but they are trying to figure out how it got there and if it was put there intentionally.

Susan Berdis of Shavertown takes her dog Missy for walks on the Back Mountain Trail in Luzerne all the time. But something happened on the trail recently that has her worried.

"My first reaction is, you know, because this is something that was for malicious reasons," Berdis said.

Police found a rope was tied across the trail.

Luzerne borough police say a man riding his bike discovered the rope as he was riding along the trail. He says the man ran into the rope.

"He has some scrapes on his arms, his legs, and his hip. His bike has some damage to it," said Luzerne Police Officer Brandon Bradshaw.

David Bass posted photos of his injuries on Facebook to warn others about what happened to him, saying, fortunately, he was wearing a helmet.

Police are looking into whether the rope was left there intentionally. Bass believes it was.

"Because of the way he stated it was strung across the trail and it was tied to a rock. That doesn't just happen on its own," Bradshaw said.

Luzerne police say they will be checking cameras on a business near the trail to see if that will give them any clues.

"If you look down here with the embankment that is so steep. it could cause serious bodily injury or possibly death."

Berdis is hoping police find out how the rope got there soon.

"They're people that bike here, people that walk their dogs here, people who walk their children here. I mean, they keep it nice and clean and it's a great place, so I would be ashamed something like this would happen."

If you know anything about how the rope got on the trail, you're asked to call Luzerne police.


  • Bob Stevens

    “Police are looking into whether the rope was left there intentionally”
    I know its pretty common for ropes to be strung across paths accidently and on their own sometimes…. obviously it was put there for the exact thing we are reading happened.

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