Health Care Workers Discuss Improvements Needed in the Field

TAYLOR, Pa. -- Health care professionals met Thursday night in Taylor to talk about how they can make the field even better.

Professionals say local hospitals and nursing homes have a hard time finding and keeping quality workers.

Nurses at the round table also said our region is falling behind the rest of the state when it comes to the equipment needed in hospitals.

"When equipment is outdated it's not as efficient as newer equipment would be, so it slows down the time it takes to do tests and x-rays," said Jesi Swoboda.

The health care round table in Lackawanna County was sponsored by the State Service Employees Union.

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  • savescrantonhistory

    Best idea is to stop charging INSANE prices for services. I mean I know places have bills to pay like power and employee salaries. But when it takes me four hours to see a doctor in the E.R. and instead you send in a physician’s assistant and then have the nerve to bill me for a doctor’s evaluation I NEVER received then that’s nonsense.

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