Folks in Luzerne County Fed Up with Mother Nature

LUZERNE COUNTY, Pa. -- It has been a wild week throughout northeastern and central Pennsylvania with strong winds, torrential rains, downed trees and utility lines, and flooding.

"You see me out here with my wheelbarrow a couple of times during the day. Starts raining, I'll take a break, go in, come back out, so, unfortunately, I don't have a full six hours to give to doing the job," said John Kelly of Plains Township.

John Kelly is on vacation this week and it has been a rough one. He planned on getting a lot of gardening done.

"I also am involved in American Legion baseball trying to get, you know, practice sessions for everybody with this rain coming in the afternoons, it's messed up all the evenings and all," he added.

A crew from M. Mayo Striping has not been able to work much, either. Their jobs are on hold as Mother Nature unleashes storm after storm.

"Bad stuff for us because we cannot work in the rain, so we have a lot of days off but we're just waiting for the opening in the skies to start doing our jobs and finishing our jobs," said Ivo Cruz of M. Mayo Striping.

The weather isn't just taking a toll on people's jobs and properties, but their health, too.

"I'm really tired of it. I get migraines from it so yesterday I was out of commission. It was very disappointing," said Alana Husband-Dwyer of Plymouth.

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